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Welcome Returning Alumni! 

A huge shoutout and warm welcome to our returning alumni for Charter Day 2019!

This years Charter Day is on track to be one of the largest in recent history and it's thanks to each and every alumni's commitment to the Phi!

We have a fun filled weekend in store with plenty of new and old faces. 

Looking for information on weekends activities? Please click here

"But I can't make it this year!" Womp womp, that sucks. But, we understand that life gets in the way. Even if you can't make it, you can still donate and help contribute to our capital improvement fund by clicking here

We're looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend! 

- Alumni Trustee Board


Charter day 2019 - april 12 - 14

107 Sunset Terrace
Troy, NY 12180



Choosing a living group is one of the most important decisions of your RPI career, and we want to do our best to clear up any confusion you might have about the process. What follows shows some of the things for you to think about during rush and your freshman year. We hope that this provides some important pointers on how rush works and, at the same time, gives you an idea of what our house is like.


A period during which fraternities and other living groups at RPI hold various events to meet and recruit prospective members. Intended to help freshmen find the group they feel most comfortable with.


  • Be open to meet people of all shapes and sizes. Make an effort to stay that way, or else you'll quickly close yourself off from many exciting people.

  • Be yourself! If you feel uncomfortable doing this, maybe you should rush somewhere else. Ask lots of questions. (see below)

  • Spend lots of time at the house and get to know the brothers as well as possible in the time that you have.

  • During rush, visit 5 houses at most; you need to spend time getting to know the brothers at a house, and they need to get to know you to give you a bid.

some questions you may consider asking

  • How many brothers live in the house?

  • What will the pledge program entail?

  • How are the house responsibilities and chores distributed?

  • What were your reasons for joining this house?



107 Sunset Terrace

Troy, NY 12180


RPI and Troy provide a rich diversity of people and experiences throughout our college years. At Phi Kappa Theta, we are actively involved with all of these opportunities from academics to community service. Although we all devote a significant emphasis on schoolwork, brothers also participate in Varsity sports, musical groups, and other campus organizations. Socially, we organize several events each year for RPI and neighboring college students and also contribute regularly to our community. Yet, we also take great pride in the strength of our brotherhood, striving for our ideals and motto.



On April 29, 1959, Phi Kappa Theta was officially established as a union between two older fraternities: Phi Kappa (founded in 1889) and Theta Kappa Phi (founded in 1919).

As the first true union between two fraternities, neither fraternity was consolidated into the other; rather, the merger was made under a new name, Phi Kappa Theta, a combination of the two original names.

Similarly, the seal, motto, and ideals of both fraternities were combined without either organization conceding anything.



Historically, both Phi Kappa and Theta Kappa Phi were founded on Judeo-Christian ethics, religious ideas, and the brotherhood. Though membership was originally restricted to Catholics, Phi Kappa Theta is now open to members of all races, creeds, and religions.

Likewise, many aspects of the fraternity have changed over the years. However, the fundamental concept of fraternity is as necessary today as it was 100 years ago. The commitments made to personal growth and developing love for the fellow man by the founders carry on in numerous chapters across the nation. These commitments bind us all together as members of Phi Kappa Theta, and we owe it to these Founders to extend their vision.



Phi Kappa Theta’s motto reflects the founding ideals and purposes of the organization.


The ideals


To provide the tangible and intangible aids necessary to establish a closely knit collegiate community whose members enjoy a mode of living that is conducive to the formation of gentlemen imbued with principles and ideals and to prepare them to contribute to the world community upon graduation.


To remind our brothers that outstanding scholastic achievement is a primary personal responsibility, and to encourage a commitments to the university that provides each member with his intellectual formation.


To encourage each member to identify himself with his collegiate and civic community by active participation and service, thus fostering a vigorous spirit of loyalty to Alma Mater and selflessness to all men.


To deepen the spiritual and enrich the temporal lives of its members, regardless of their religious beliefs, through a well-balanced program of fraternal, intellectual, social and service activities.