Charter Day 2019 - April 12 - 14

$75 per person, checks, credit card or PayPal preferred:

Includes business meeting lunch, appetizers and dinner at Rev Hall, shuttle bus, some booze Friday and Saturday (excluding scotch tasting, cash bar at dinner), plus a 2019 Souvenir Glass

Number of Dinners for the Banquet


Payment will be accepted at the welcome table at the Chapter House, or at the entrance to Rev Hall on Saturday

Dinner can also be paid for via the Android/iOS/Blackberry PayPal App to

Quick Info

Meeting Locations: 

  • Saturday Biz Mtg @11am, Sage 3510

  • Sunday Trustees Meeting @ 11am, Union 3511

Saturday Dinner Location and Time: 

  • Cocktails and Apps 6:30p at Revolution Hall, River St, Troy

  • Dinner 7:30p at Revolution Hall, River St, Troy,

  • Two hour open bar (beer/wine), followed by a cash bar (bottle of red & white wine at each table for dinner)

  • There is a bus looping venue and hotels 6::15pm-12:30am (The Ruck is added after 9pm)

  • We will move to the Ruck after Revolution Hall

Ways to Donate that get you something:

  • House Memorabilia - Rush Shirts, etc.

  • Buy-a-Bro - $50 - buy an active, 'the book' will be available at the Chapter House welcome table

Why $50 and not $100? We want more Bro's to be bought, less splitting, more approachable (and yes that's what we've done the last 2 years).

Please use this Button Below to Buy-a-Bro

Weekend Schedule of Events

Friday Night - Pub Crawl - 4:44PM Onward

  • Group 1 meeting at Ryan’s Wake @ 4:44PM

  • Group 2 meeting at Ryan’s Wake @ 5:44PM

  • Meet the newest brothers and say hello to old friends

Saturday During the Day: 

  • Business Meeting - 11AM Sage 3510 - Breakfast Served, Officer Reports, Trustees Election

    • Mid-Afternoon - 3PM - 6:15PM - Beer tasting at Rare Form Brewery in Downtown Troy

Saturday Night: 

  • Bus, Taxi's, Sober D and Buy-a-bro's leave for Revolution Hall - 6:15PM

  • Alumni cocktail receiption at Rev Hall - 6:30PM

  • Alumni dinner - 7:30PM

    • Awards, slideshow, music, dancing, catch up with old and new friends, and donate to the capital improvement fund!

    • Event ends at 11PM, cash bar ends at 12PM

  • The Ruck!


  • Trustees Meeting - 11AM - Union 3511 - Mandatory for Trustees