Charter Day 2018 - April 20 - 22

$70 per person, checks, credit card or PayPal preferred:

Includes business meeting lunch, appetizers and dinner at Rev Hall, shuttle bus, some booze Friday and Saturday (excluding scotch tasting, cash bar at dinner), plus a 2017 Souvenir Glass

Number of Dinners for the Banquet:


Payment will be accepted at the welcome table at the Chapter House, or at the entrance to Rev Hall on Saturday

Dinner can also be paid for via the Android/iOS/Blackberry PayPal App to

Quick Info

Meeting Locations: 

  • Saturday Biz Mtg @11am, location TBD
  • Trustees Meeting - Immediately following Biz Mtg, location TBD

Saturday Dinner Location and Time: 

  • Cocktails and Apps 6:30p at Revolution Hall, River St, Troy
  • Dinner 7:30p at Revolution Hall, River St, Troy,
  • Cash bar (bottle of red & white wine at each table for dinner)
  • There is a bus looping venue and hotels and chapter house 4:30p-12:30a (The Ruck is added after 9p)
  • We will have a private room on the 2nd floor of the Ruck on Saturday night after 10PM.

Ways to Donate that get you something:

  • House Memorabilia - Rush Shirts, etc.
  • Buy-a-Bro - $50 - buy an active, 'the book' will be available at the Chapter House welcome table

Why $50 and not $100? We want more Bro's to be bought, less splitting, more approachable (and yes that's what we've done the last 2 years).

Please use this Button Below to Buy-a-Bro

Scotch Tasting

  • Scotch Tasting - Friday 10PM at Chapter House in the Chapter Room - $20 cash donation or a bottle of good scotch ($5 for actives)

2 Sober Drivers available Friday & Saturday nights. Priority rules apply and extra pickup priority to all donors! Tips appreciated but not required.

Weekend Schedule of Events

Friday Reunion Dinners (Various Locations in Troy) - 7PM - 9PM:

  • 80's Alumni - Dinosaur BBQ @ 7PM

Friday Night - Chapter House - 9PM Onward: 

  • Open Rooms
  • Scotch Tasting
  • Meet the newest brothers
  • Sober drivers making trips to The Ruck, donors receive priority rides

Saturday During the Day: 

  • Business Meeting - 11AM CII 4050 - Lunch Provided, Officer Reports, Trustees Election
  • Mid-Afternoon - 3PM - BBQ at the house
  • Late Afternoon - Alumni and Actives - Meet and greet at the chapter house, 4:15PM - 6:15PM

Saturday Night: 

  • Bus, Taxi's, Sober D and Buy-a-bro's leave for Revolution Hall - 6:15PM
  • Alumni cocktail receiption at Rev Hall - 6:30PM
  • Alumni dinner - 7:30PM
    • Awards, slideshow, music, dancing, catch up with old and new friends, and donate to the capital improvement fund!
    • Event ends at 11PM, cash bar ends at 12PM
  • Second floor of The Ruck reserved
  • Chapter House open all evening


  • Trustees Meeting - 11:30AM - Union 3606 - Mandatory for Trustees